MUNNCH interviews Founder Michael Horner of Wildfire at the Marijuana Business Convention in Las Vegas.

Here is more info about Wildfire:

The team at Wildfire is committed to educating consumers about the health benefits of choosing naturally produced cannabis.
Truly great cannabis does not have to be at the expense of sustainability. Wildfire will always deliver the highest grade cannabis, and a great experience in every package. Wildfire will never grow cannabis in a warehouse or under artificial light sources.
Every batch of Wildfire is laboratory tested, for unparalleled consistency, and our testing makes sure you get a product that is free of mold, pesticides, or harmful contaminants. We offer cannabis as a health conscious alternative to alcohol or tobacco.
Wildfire takes the mystery out of choosing the best cannabis for you. With Wildfire you do not have to be a cannabis expert to get the cannabis experience you desire. Wildfire is committed to make it easy to choose the experience that is right for you every time.