From DUB TV on YouTube, we learned that for hundreds-of-years, the village of Malana governed itself through a village parliament comprising of a lower and upper house, and three permanent members.
Laws were laid out by the village god Jamlu, and disputes were settled in the village court.
Foreigners and anyone apart from upper caste Hindus are not allowed to touch the villagers, houses, temples or religious rocks. If they do, there is a fine of about $80 and a lamb has to be sacrificed to purify the place.
Visitors are confined to guest houses on the perimeters of the village. The number of guest houses has mushroomed over the last 5 years from about five in 2012 to more than 12 now. These guest houses are owned by the people of Malana, but run by people from other parts of the state.
It used to be a four-day hike to the village and people would run and hide in their homes if a visitor were to show up.
Now only an hour-long trek from the closest road, the village of about 3,000 has become notoriously infamous for cultivating and producing cannabis.

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