“Mary Jane is suppose to bring all of us together fuck color” – Azizi Gibson
Produced By: Intellect

[Verse 1]
You dare to hold your knife to a ninja?
You must be king and your name must be Simba
I’m so high up, hit my head against Jesus
He called me a heathen, said I’m lucky that I’m breathing’
My bad God, I’m just getting lifted
He said ‘oh shit, that’s a spliff, let me hit it’
Wala, hopped in my lowrider, picked up Allah cause
We heard that he got the kush today
He been selling ye, he the weed man round the way
Sell you shit and he down to play since that gram we wait every next day
Got it if you really into that
My nigga I do this, don’t you dare pass the blunt to Judas
He a traitor motherfucker, are you stupid?
Man are you foolish? Turn down, fuck is ya’ll doin’?
Shut the fuck up little nigga, keep it moving

[Chorus] x2
Bitch I’m high but not high enough
Let’s get more to roll
Let’s get lit, hop up in a ship
Fly to space and go
Rollin’ blunts on our way to Mars, my house in the stars
Au revoir, let’s get fucking high
You smoking with the gods

[Verse 2]
Now Zeus?
That’s my ace coon boon
Smoking all day, weed naps on the moon
Throwing lightning at you coward ass fools
Got Aphrodite and Athena in a room
Taking bong rips from my nigga Pharaoh out the tomb
We so loud, think we trippin’ out on ‘shrooms
This that good shit that make a hundred plans, don’t do shit
The answer, take a whiff of this and hear music
I swear, I’m rollin’ and all my weed is golden
This shit so strong, it’s gotta be descendent of Odin
Said I feel so on, I hope I’m not fuckin’ with no omens
My trees are gone, fuck it we gon’ have to get some more then