Will Kleidon was born and raised in Menlo Park, CA. As a young child, his passion and intuition for using plants to heal people was seeded. He loved plants, and plants loved him. When a friend fell off the monkey bars at preschool, Will instinctively grabbed a plant and rubbed it on his friend’s arm. It eased the rash, and his friend stopped crying. At 16, Will realized that humans were headed down a path that wouldn’t end well for them, or the planet, and fellow members of Life. He began to study patterns in nature and was determined to help humanity walk a path towards harmonious living with all of Life. Will produced a sustainability festival at 17 with over 25 organizations.

He then moved to Australia to study Permaculture, apprenticing with one of the world’s leading experts: Robyn Francis at Permaculture College Australia. Permaculture is a design science that studies nature’s patterns and builds systems in harmony with them to sustainably produce maximum abundance with minimum input. Will’s studies stoked his inner fire and helped him realize that all humans could live in abundance with health as wealth, using proper innovations, and returning to the roots of our culture—balance with nature.

Following his intuition and passion for helping people and the planet, he was guided to land in Ojai, CA. Here, he and his partner, Caroline, found a plot of land to care for. They have planted 100+ trees and are organically building back the topsoil. They are also making plans for workshops on Permaculture and holistic health.