Detroit’s medical marijuana industry is on the rise, and its growers, scientists, and connoisseurs are at the center of Complex’s new series “Motor City High”

Weed, finally having its moment of justice in an increasing number of states all across the country, is serious business. Strict quality control is now the driving force behind a successful weed dispensary, and with competition increasing exponentially by the minute, those with the most knowledgeable approach to determining the next big strains are the kings of the industry.

The new Complex original series Motor City High documents this struggle through the eyes of Damien DiStefano, the owner of Detroit’s Over the Moon certification clinic. After potential weed geniuses bring a sample of possible future favorites to Damien for initial evaluation, Motor City’s leading weed connoisseur takes the product to the enviably mustachioed Joe for a proper THC testing. Brent, Damien’s resident fungus expert, then tests the strain for various impurities before revealing the results of these tests to their respective growers.

In the premiere episode, available for your visual pleasure above, Damien is tasked with determining the potential viability (highability?) of a strain dubbed Dr. Who. Admittedly, Damien has never seen an episode of Dr. Who, much to the chagrin of mustachioed Joe. Will Dr. Who pass the required 12 percent THC threshold needed to achieve medical status in Detroit’s competitive medical weed market? Find out above, and keep it locked it to Complex for future episodes of the original series Motor City High.

Music by: wechief
Twitter: @wechiefmusic

Damien: owner of Over The Moon certification Clinic
Joe: Chemist/ Lab tech that test THC levels
Brent: Biologist that examines the samples for impurities i.e. mold, fungus, mites etc.