I came across this very cool documentary from Ben Grayzel, an independent filmmaker.

Grayzel says that he “made this marijuana documentary in 6 weeks during a break from University. I decided to put the project online for free because I think it is an important issue and I want to get the information out.”

You can help Ben fund his next project, please consider donating here: paypal.me/bgrayzel

If you’re into the cannabis culture of the PNW, you should definitely check this out. Grayzel says “This documentary examines marijuana use and culture after legalization in Oregon and Washington. Weed has become far more prevalent in certain communities, while pot use has not changed at all in others. The documentary also looks at dabbing, mole bowls, driving high, the gateway drug theory, addiction, and the current state of cannabis research. University of Washington, University of Oregon, Rural Oregon and inner-city Portland are all featured. Marijuana may be relatively harmless compared to other drugs, but what is dangerous is the culture of marijuana use. It is very socially acceptable to use marijuana all day everyday, whereas other drugs it is not at all. There needs to be more research put in to marijuana and the findings of that research should dictate the future of marijuana culture.”

Find more about Ben at http://www.bengrayzel.com/ .