Dr Perry Solomon and Pamela Hadfield of HelloMD give a weekly roundup of cannabis and marijuana news, culture and curiosities.
This episode filmed: May 17th 2016.

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This Week’s Topics:

Tackling The Issues:
NFL player donates $80,000 to fund cannabis research on football players.

Help For Homeless
Aurora, Colorado earmarks $1.5 million of its revenue from recreational cannabis sales to help the homeless.

Driving Ahead
UCSD researchers launch study to look at the impact of marijuana on driving ability.

Marijuana Refugees
Families from around the world are traveling to Colorado to access marijuana to treat their child’s serious illness.

Pot and Pregnancy
Study shows for the first-time a direct link between marijuana use during pregnancy and pre-term birth. *Correction: normal rate of pre-term birth is 11%, not 1%

A Little Dab Will Do
Consumption of concentrated marijuana extract is becoming popular among teens and presents unknown consequences.