Thousands of severely ill patients in California were being denied access to care, and thrown to the street with no alternative.

Mary Elizabeth Davis is a retired licensed vocational nurse with severe osteoarthritis and had to have both of her knees replaced. All the pharmaceutical medications she was prescribed caused side effects including: additional pain, vision problems, nausea and blood clots. Her doctor recommended she try medicinal cannabis, and she found Berkeley Patients Group, a not-for-profit medical cannabis collective, that successfully treated her where pharmaceuticals failed.

On May 1st, after operating for over 12 years without incident and full local support, the Federal Government forced Berkeley Patients Group to close its doors by threatening its landlord with property forfeiture and decades in prison.

Mary Elizabeth Davis speaks for not only herself, but in the name of millions of patients in the United States who, like her, have been denied access to medical cannabis.

President Obama promised at the beginning of his administration to respect state medical marijuana laws. He has broken this promise time and time again — and the consequences have been devastating.

Tell our next President and the Justice Department: enough is enough. Stop the attacks on medical cannabis patients!