MUNNCH host Pauly Carter interviews Jedidiah Haney the creator of Croptoberfest.

Here is the info on the event:

Croptoberfest™ 2015 will be hosted this October 25th in Zillah, Washington at the Old Warehouse Event Center. This unique venue is one of Yakima Valley’s first fruit packing warehouses located in the heart of Washington’s ‘Wine Country.’ This country is an agricultural hub and it has seen the rise and transition of many industries. Over the last decade this quiet little city has seen the development of the wine industry. In less than ten years the wineries grew from under 200 to now over 1000 producers and processors.

Zillah, Washington was chosen for Croptoberfest™ 2015 because we aim to explore how the nascent cannabis industry is reminiscent the development of the craft wine and beer industries in Washington State. Croptoberfest™ will be a day of cannabis enthusiast focusing on the future of the agricultural promise of cannabis in all of its forms. The future is bright for cannabis in Washington. Especially in the eastern breadbasket that can facilitate the industries appropriate agriculture expansion.

The name Croptoberfest™ was of course coined after the traditional Oktoberfest, which serves as a celebration around the culture of beer all over the world to this day. This is important based on the simple fact that to consistently create amazing craft brews it takes a robust supply chain that will uphold the highest degree of quality. This same paradigm is in the developing cannabis sector in Washington State. Washington’s cannabis industry needs to direct their focus on creating the highest quality standards while maximizing production value.

Croptoberfest™ is a daylong event with attractions and entertainment, all served with a healthy dose of education. Croptoberfest™ 2015 will be starting at 12 pm with doors open to the adults over the age of 21. We have a large vendor fair staged for our guests. This space is set up for our attendees to interact directly with Washington State cannabis businesses. Consumer education is the key to creating the respectable value that our crops demand. Croptoberfest™ 2015 was designed to create an intelligent dialogue about natural cannabis production.

Croptoberfest™ guests will be assembling at 2pm in the main hall for our line up of speakers. Croptoberfest™ has brought in cannabis experts from across the state that will be talking about their perspective on the agrarian revolution we have found ourselves in. The cannabis agricultural standards should reflect influences in the wine industry, such as elevation and region in describing their value. That is called terroir, which is the description of the environmental factors that surround an agricultural product. Croptoberfest™ 2015 will host an environment that will culture this discussion with fellow cannabis enthusiasts. We are all are eager to hear from some of the most influential individuals regarding cannabis production and processing. We have lined up a series of speakers to expound on these ideas.

The educational speaker session will start off with a discovery on the developing industrial hemp sector with our keynote Anndrea Hermann, M.Sc., B.GS., P.Ag, CEO of The Ridge International Cannabis Consulting. When Anndrea Hermann isn’t running through hemp fields across the world consulting cannabis farmers, she is teaching extensive industrial hemp courses at Oregon State University. Anndrea Hermann will be presenting her survey on industrial hemp and creating the dialogue about “The Future of Industrial Hemp in Washington.”

Right now in Washington State we are seeing the first large-scale commercial ‘marijuana’ farms take root. Croptoberfest™ 2015 is proud to have a panel of cannabis industry specialists for your review on sungrown, full-term “marijuana” farming. The panel will focus on the diverse ways to farm cannabis and the unique growing environments that cover the Pacific Northwest. Our guest speakers on the panel are Tom Lauerman, Owner of Farmer Tom’s Organics and CEO of Terp Works; Jeremy Moberg, owner of Cannasol Farms and President of the Washington Sungrowers Industry Association; and Dr. Dominic Corva, the Director of the Center for the study of Cannabis and Social Policy will all expound on the holistic benefits of sungrown cannabis farming.

Tickets to Croptoberfest™ 2015 are an affordable $25 per person. This ticket will provide our guests with all day access to the entire event, which includes the live entertainent. Our guests have the leisure to enter and exit the venue as they please. Croptoberfest™ 2015 of course was organized with plenty of breaks built in throughout the day for everybody to stay safe. The world famous Seattle Superchronics Cafe has sponsored the private lounge at Croptoberfest™ 2015. The Seattle Superchronics Cafe staff will be serving fresh non-intoxicating libations as well as providing an excellent lounge atmosphere to relax in. The Old Warehouse Restaurant, which is upstairs from the venue, will be serving their excellent fare all day. Your 2015 Croptoberfest™ ticket also covers the evenings festivities planned after the educational speakers.

Croptoberfest™ 2015 has booked some amazing musical talent for our guests ears. We are jazzed to announce that Central Washington’s premier blues band, Shoot Jake will be preforming live! Shoot Jake just got out of studio with their new release and we cant wait to groove to their new jams. We are equally as stoked to bring back Adrian Xaviar and his crew of reggae cohorts to Croptoberfest™. Adrian Xaviar has been playing all over the Pacific Northwest sharing the healing vibrations of the island sounds, Vashon Island that is.

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